Monday, September 27, 2021

Postpartum With Baby Rue

 Welcome home, baby!  Ahh, postpartum.  Those first few days after having a baby are such a tender, beautiful, and bittersweet time.  With baby #3, i's definitely been the easiest recovery, mostly because I know what to expect, and life with two big siblings can't really be put on pause, but there are still some items that made the adjustment easier! 

1.  My favorite nursing tanks.  I've slept in these every night since I had Ophelia but I added a few more because I'm pretty sure I didn't wear anything else for that first week!  
2. Some nipple balm for that tender new baby latch.- I'm a breastfeeding pro, but I still forgot it does hurt at first!  We're past that now, but it was nice to have some nipple stuff, even though I was sure I wouldn't need it.  
3. I didn't tear or really have any postpartum pain this time around, but it was still nice having these all natural witch hazel pads for those first few bathroom trips.  
4.  These sexy beasts.  Seriously, do not bother with pads.  Way better than ruining all your underwear and pants. 
5.  I lost a lot of blood and really recommend these iron supplements- I feel like they give me energy!

For babe: I will say that the only thing you really need are your boobs, some diapers, and somewhere for the bub to sleep- usually in the beginning the best spot is your chest. 

But here are some of my fave things we've used with Rue

2.  These sleepers are SO soft and luxurious.  Anytime they're clean I put her in one!  We also love  these that are easier on the wallet! 
3.  These are the only pacis she would take!  I tried about a billion.  
5.  Diaper brands I like:  Honest, Hello Bello, and Millie Moon.  
6.  A pretty blanket to wrap baby in and snuggle: Rue's two faves (okay, my faves) are this one and this one.

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