Thursday, April 8, 2021

Baby Favorites -What We'll Use for Baby #3


 I'm a big believer in that you don't really need a lot of "stuff" to have a baby.  The first time around I had like, spreadsheets of all the "must haves" and a lot of it (swing, wipe warmer, 10 different kinds of swaddles) sat around collecting dust.  All you really NEED, in my opinion is your boobs and some diapers. That being said, there are some of the things that come in handy and we'll definitely be using this time around.  

 1.  This baby carrier- it's my favorite favorite.  Ralphie basically took every nap of his first year in there.  

5.  Also love this soft wrap for those early squishy newborn days.  

2.  The best baby lotion and diaper cream out there.  

3.  You just NEED a place to set them down when you have more then one.  This lounger is probably our most used item, other than the carrier.  We liked this one better than others because of the angle, the babies love to be able to see what is going on around them.

4.   Their own blankets and burp cloths.  Of course you could reuse these, but I found it nice to have new ones for the new addition. 

6.  I HATED the infant carseat we had with Ophelia because it was so heavy.  This one super light and sleek.  

7.  I've tried a lot of diapers, and even tried to cloth diaper for a second with Ralphie, but I personally just think Honest are the best! 

8.  Love Frida Baby products- the snot sucker is a must. 

9.  The Haaku is so nice for building a breastmilk stash when your supply is overflowing in the beginning!