Sunday, January 19, 2020

Mexico Packing List

 Last year we decided to book a Mexican vacation for this blustery time of year that drags on and on.  And it was amazing.  Round two is happening this week! Traveling with two little ones is always an adventure, but the vitamin D is worth it.  I thought I'd share what's in my suitcase! 

1.  My favorite "mom suit".  Handles being tugged by small hands, but still has a little pizazz.   
3.  My fave sunscreen now comes in a tinted version!
5.  My favorite beach hat that is big enough for giant heads like mine! 
6.  Best denim shorts- this pair and this pair.
9.  Obviously, an eyelet top

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  1. Can I be added to your packing list? Ha! But seriously. Enjoy this time!


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