Sunday, December 1, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Let us welcome our guest editor, my loving husband, Ian.  A man who is not shy about his opinions, and buys himself everything he wants, thus the perfect person to provide us with a helpful men's gift guide.  

1.  This one is actually all me- I got Ian a sous vide last Christmas and it blew his mind.  He is the chef in our house, and it totally changed how he cooks.  Like his steak is better then it is from the grill.  
5.  "I am a bit a clean freak (note from Brittany: UM, A BIT??!!!)  and this also extends to my car. After four years of living with gross children I have finally found a solution to keeping the back seat of my beloved Jeep clean"
7.  "I’ve been on a bit of a Banana Republic kick lately mostly because it find it very difficult to buy pants that actually fit me. These do.  It's nice feeling like the circulation to my sack isn’t going to be cut off. " (Note from Brittany: inappropriate, I like to keep this blog PG).  
8.  "I use this thing at work. I spend a lot of time on the phone everyday, and I get up and balance on this.  Core strength, man.  Don't judge me".  
9.  "If I weren't already married, I would marry this thing.  Best appliance in my house.  If our house had a name it would be: Little Pieces of Shit Everywhere. This helps soothe me when I get in a cleaning rage"  

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