Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: Kids

I am SO excited to start my 2019 gift guides- they're always some of my most popular posts, and I always appreciate how many people tell me they were helpful!  I did want to make a note though- of course I don't think any child needs all of these things (let alone any of it!) and my children definitely don't get all of these things for gifts!  I've noticed a case of "the gimmes" lately with Ophelia, and I want to make sure she appreciates all the wonderful things she already has, and how fortunate she is.  My gifting mantra with my own children is: "something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read"- you can be pretty flexible with those categories, but it definitely helps to eliminate  an overwhelming gifting experience.  I am also planning to focus on ways to help make the holiday season about more than just presents- volunteering to help others, and family experiences.  

That being said- these are some of our very favorite toys for kids!  I'd say this age range is 2-7.  

1.  Truck +  blocks = no brainer.

2.  Ophelia has been asking for a guitar for a year now! 

3.  These paint sticks are one of my favorite art supplies for kids, and make a great gift!

4.  This barn and play set is seriously so cute.

5.  Frozen 2 gifts will be all the rage this year.  I love this family set because its perfect for lots of creative, open ended play!

6.  A classic scooter.

7.  Candyland!

8.  My kids are obsessed with pretending to clean- why not put them to work?

9.  I can't wait to get this car mat for Ralphie!

10.  These ride on animals are so popular at our open gyms.  The kids are obsesed with them.

11.  My other favorite art supply, especially for the younger set.

12.  This one might seem strange, but I want a sensory bin for them!  Fill it with rice, water beads, cornstarch... the possibilites are endless.

13.  Kids love a little space of their own- how cute is this tent?

14.  This Baby Alive thing kind of creeps me out, but I know Ophelia would LOVE it.

15.  How perfect would this rollercoaster be all winter long?

16.  Nothing a little girl loves more then a tutu!  Make her Nutcracker dreams come true.

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