Sunday, July 14, 2019

Kid's Summer Favorites

We are seriously digging summer over here.  Like, I'll take all the heat and humidity you can give me.  Here are some of my little friends' current faves:

1.  This after sun hair spray has been SO helpful for keeping Ophelia's curls intact.  Okay, I'll be honest- I use it too because I hate that chlorine crunchy feeling!

2.  If you haven't used a Reader Me before- GET ONE.  It reads a set of books to your child- perfect for road trips... or anytime you want to be a little lazy. 

3.  This is our favorite sunscreen.

4.  Ralphie is (as I've said before!) obsessed with his car.  He misses it as soon as we go inside, and does this sad little outstretched arm towards the garage, "CAR??"

5.  These short rainboots!  They're both cute and practical- other, taller rainboots are so hard for Ralphie to walk in.  Come in this cute floral print, and a star print. 

6.  Collapsible beach wagon- such a genius idea! I got this for our upcoming beach vacay!

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