Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday Morning Try-On

My Tuesday and Thursday mornings where I get to hang out with just Ralphie are coming to an end and I'm bummed!  It's so nice to spend one on one time with the little dude- and he makes a great shopping buddy.  Running errands with one child instead of two is like a WORLD of difference. 

This morning before heading to the playground we hit up the mall to check out the Memorial Day Sales- here is what I scooped up!

My first stop is always Madewell- but luckily for my wallet I actually didn't love any of the new arrivals the way I did online.  I ended up buying the new version of my beloved favorite jean ever- I wear mine so much I need another one in the rotation, and I wanted this wash without the knee cutout!

I also liked this top (on super sale), but they didn't have my size! 

Then I hit the motherload at Old Navy!  I actually feel like Old Navy's current offerings are very Madewell-esq at way more affordable prices. 

This top came home with me- I really love the fabric.  It's super light and will do really well in the heat, and I love the neckline and sleeves.  

Loved this eyelet top- on clearance! 

I'm super picky about cardigans, and rarely wear them.  But I LOVE the length and drape on this one! 

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