Saturday, May 4, 2019

Our Outdoor Favorites

It feels SO DANG GOOD to get back outdoors. I wanted to share some of our favorite items that keep my kids busy outside!

1.  Bubble machine: If you enjoy the laughter of children, get this.  Seriously, it is a day maker. 

2.  Cozy coupe: I loved mine when I was a kid too!  I didn't put the eyes on ours though- why did they add that?

3.  Mini trampoline:  This was my kids' big present from Santa this Christmas and it is the greatest thing ever. 

4.  Gardening tools: They have this little dirt patch in our yard and they love digging in it and watering it and burying things in it and then digging it back up again. 

5.  Chalk: A must. 

6.  Sand table: This has been a favorite since Ophelia could hold herself up on the side. You can switch it up with all sorts of different sensory materials too!

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