Sunday, May 26, 2019

Summer Reading List

Reading is a year round game- cozy, snuggled under a blanket in the winter and and dusted with some sand in a beach bag all summer long.  Here are some of my recent picks:

1.  Conversations with Friends AND Normal People, by Sally Rooney.

Everyone is all abuzz about Rooney, and for good reason.  She writes like you feel.  Both of these made me feel a little sad after reading them, but in a weirdly good way?  If that makes in any sense at all.


2.  The Last Time I Saw You- by Liz Constantine

I LOVED the last thriller by this author, The Last Mrs. Parrish.    This one was a little less... saucy? And I saw the twist coming a mile away.   But still a decent read!


3. Verity- by Colleen Hoover

Ohhhhh my gosh.  This book is seriously dark.  Do not read it if you are pregnant.  But if you like dark, twisty thrillers this one will suck you in HARD.


4.  The Mother In Law- by Sally Hepworth

My current read- I'm loving it. Very Liane Moriaty-esq. It starts with the possible murder of a mother in law, and then goes backwards throughout the relationship.

5. The Mister- by E. L. James

I'm not ashamed.  Okay, I'm a little ashamed.  I saw this was the new book by the author of Fifty Shades and I love a good guilty pleasure read... and it was honestly a sweet romance! No bondage is involved.

Next on my list: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

And some other faves, for good measure: 


Friday, May 24, 2019

Memorial Day Sales

This vintage style tee is in my cart, and these white jeans are my faves! 
AMERICAN EAGLE - 25-60% off everything
Get these white shorts and thank me later.  I also love this super cute LEOPARD MIDI SKIRT too.
Loving this midi skirt.
GAP- 40% off everything
This tank is so perfect for summer- and I want my shortalls in white
 J. CREW- 40% off everything with code SHOP40
 Madewell-  20% off on dresses and sandals with code PERFECTMATCH.
Obsessed with these sandals - More sizes available HERE!


Their half yearly sale is happening right now! A ton of stuff is up to 50% off- this peplum tee is a staple.  
Old Navy-50% off everything
Love all my finds from yesterday- my cardigan is a winner! 

Urban Outfitters

This super soft THERMAL TOP is under $30!


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday Morning Try-On

My Tuesday and Thursday mornings where I get to hang out with just Ralphie are coming to an end and I'm bummed!  It's so nice to spend one on one time with the little dude- and he makes a great shopping buddy.  Running errands with one child instead of two is like a WORLD of difference. 

This morning before heading to the playground we hit up the mall to check out the Memorial Day Sales- here is what I scooped up!

My first stop is always Madewell- but luckily for my wallet I actually didn't love any of the new arrivals the way I did online.  I ended up buying the new version of my beloved favorite jean ever- I wear mine so much I need another one in the rotation, and I wanted this wash without the knee cutout!

I also liked this top (on super sale), but they didn't have my size! 

Then I hit the motherload at Old Navy!  I actually feel like Old Navy's current offerings are very Madewell-esq at way more affordable prices. 

This top came home with me- I really love the fabric.  It's super light and will do really well in the heat, and I love the neckline and sleeves.  

Loved this eyelet top- on clearance! 

I'm super picky about cardigans, and rarely wear them.  But I LOVE the length and drape on this one! 

Monday, May 20, 2019

Thirty Second Messy Waves

Now that I can no longer wear a beanie every day (not that I am mad about that!  Please don't come back, winter!) I've been trying to actually do my hair in an attempt to disguise my postpartum baby hair situation.

I have zero minutes to spare when getting ready, and often do it with one small person holding my leg while another screams at me because I won't allow him to play in the toilet, so it has to be quick.

This definitely isn't revolutionary, but it's been working for me!

1.  Sleep in a braid.
2.  Pull the front chunks that didn't get very braided out
3.  Wrap the chunks around a curling iron barrel AWAY from your face.
4.  Shake out your braid and blend it together.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Nursing Friendly Summer Tops

We've got warm weather in the forecast!  I seriously can't wait.

Nursing in the summer is always a little bit harder because less clothing means... well, more opportunities to flash the world.  All those sweaters and sweatshirts are good for something- I could be nursing five babies up in there and no one would know.

So I wanted to share some summer tops that are nursing friendly so we can get out and enjoy the sun!

First off- this nursing friendly swimsuit gets seriously glowing reviews. 

This top would work beautifully for pumping at work.

I love a dressed up tee- with a wrap front!

This tank is seriously SO CUTE.

I just ordered this eyelet button down in white because, well, I am who I am.

I adore this easy tank- comes in three different colors. 


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

What I'm Buying for Summer

Let's take a look at my current online cart situation.... okay, okay, some of these are already in route to me!

This hat fits my giant head and I love it.

My pink sunglasses.

Pretty white eyelet tops, because I am who I am.

This striped tank is such a flattering cut.

These jean shorts are a splurge, but I wear them every single day. These are another good pair!

My new favorite t-shirt, in multiple colors.  So cheap and such a good fit!

White kick crop jeans, for something new.

Every year I get these same shoes in a different style and they fetch me tons of compliments.

These shortalls are a little more mom duty appropriate then my last pair.

This tee is just so cute for every day.

This flounced skirt for dressing up.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Our Outdoor Favorites

It feels SO DANG GOOD to get back outdoors. I wanted to share some of our favorite items that keep my kids busy outside!

1.  Bubble machine: If you enjoy the laughter of children, get this.  Seriously, it is a day maker. 

2.  Cozy coupe: I loved mine when I was a kid too!  I didn't put the eyes on ours though- why did they add that?

3.  Mini trampoline:  This was my kids' big present from Santa this Christmas and it is the greatest thing ever. 

4.  Gardening tools: They have this little dirt patch in our yard and they love digging in it and watering it and burying things in it and then digging it back up again. 

5.  Chalk: A must. 

6.  Sand table: This has been a favorite since Ophelia could hold herself up on the side. You can switch it up with all sorts of different sensory materials too!

Friday, May 3, 2019


Good news- ASOS is 20% off everything with the code ITSMAY20