Monday, April 15, 2019

Nursing Friendly Tops and Dresses for Spring

I just want to freeze these moments lately- where he is still my little babe.  Neither of us are ready for this sweet season of life to end.  
Going on 13 months of love, connection, exhaustion, patience,  and that wonderful milky smell, and there’s no end in sight. 

For all my fellow nursing mamas out there, I’ve found a bunch of spring dresses and tops with easy access to the goods.  

1.  Tencel wrap dress- such a flattering flare.  
2.  Eyelet dress- perfect for weddings, brunches, showers, graduations... all the spring events! 
3.  Button down dress- under $30!
4.  Floral dress- so pretty. 
5. Stripe dress - designed for nursing, it has a secret little pocket.  
6.  Stripe button down- easy for everyday.  
7.  Cross sweatshirt- I live in this!  So easy to nurse in.  
8.  Wrap top- great for dressing up.  
9.  Button tank- so great for summer!  

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