Sunday, April 7, 2019

Mom Spring Staples: Bottoms

Let's keep going with the mom wardrobe staples, shall we?

1.  Boyfriend jeans- these are my favorite jeans ever.  I think they would flatter just about every body.  They also somehow feel as comfy as sweatpants?  It's wonderful.  

2.  Jean shorts- I live in denim shorts in the summer, so I have a wide variety.  But this pair with its high waist and longer hemline is universally complimentary.  They're literally called "the perfect jean short".  

3.  I wasn't going to include black leggings because they aren't very spring-y... but I realized black leggings are a mom must have, no matter the season.  This pair is SO budget friendly but seriously on par with my Lululemon's quality.  Seriously, read the reviews.  

4.  White jeans- This is my first year owning white jeans, so I wouldn't say they're a NEED but they're fun to mix in a little variety.  

5.  Comfy shorts- people are raving about this pair, and they have a longer inseam than most I've seen.  

6.  Not ready to put away my regular denim skinny jeans- They're a fall, winter, and spring staple here in Minnesota.  I own two pairs of these, they're that good.  

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