Tuesday, April 30, 2019

DIY Personalized Jean Jacket

Jean jacket + letters (can't find my Michael's ones online, but here is an Amazon link!)

my inspiration! 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Montessori One Year Old Favorites

I was so diligent about creating a serene, perfectly Montessori area for Ophelia, and, well, Ralph mostly plays with Barbies.  And sticks.

But lately I've been trying to a little more Montessori work with him- the "ones" are my very favorite age (where they just waddle around like little people speaking complete gibberish!) and it's amazing how much they pick up.

Ralphie's very favorite thing lately is animals- seeing them at the zoo or outside, or reading about them in books.  He just LOVES our animal identifying cards- we point at the card, make the sound, and name the animal.  Then we match it with our animal figurine.

His other favorite is our musical instruments.  He and his sister love to play "music class" which is completely adorable.

I also show him the stacking ring (start with just two rings at a time) and a three piece puzzle, presented undone.  It is much more engaging for the babes (and thus lengthening the time they will spend working with it!) to have the pieces out. 

The last one we've done is transferring work- one year olds are all about taking things out of containers, right?  So having something like popsicle sticks or pom poms in one area and having them transfer them to another is a big hit! 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Weekend Sale Finds

DSW- up to $60 off! code GOODVIBES
Everyone is obsessed with these- for good reason! Comfy and cute. 
I also loveeee these

Abercrombie- 25% off everything
This top is adorable and nursing friendly. 

Old Navy 20% off everything withe code SWEET
I just got this tank and plan to live in it this summer. 
You guys love this dress, it's one of my top selling things I've featured lately!

J.Crew- 30% off with code LUCKYYOU
Love this pretty top.
Ohhh my gosh how cute is this

Gap- 50% off everything
Ophelia needs these sandals- so cute!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Ralphie's Spring Style Picks

Some of the most purchased items off of my blog are my baby boy finds- I love that there are other moms like me wanting to dress their boys in something other then trucks and dinosaurs!  

Here are some of Ralphie's spring staples: 

These rompers are my favorite for warm weather. 
I love him in a henley, so these are going to be his go to tees this summer.  
These shorts are the best! 
Ralph is never without his amber necklace- it's his signature piece.  :) 

Friday, April 19, 2019

Weekend Sale Picks

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Lots of good sales this springy weekend.

A new one!
30% OFF + FREE SHIPPING @ H&M - they never have sales!

Everything at Loft is 40% off- and I'm completely obsessed with this and this.

Everything at American Eagle is 25% off. I think I need this for some reason?

Lots at Abercrombie is on sale too and these shorts get rave reviews.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Nursing Friendly Tops and Dresses for Spring

I just want to freeze these moments lately- where he is still my little babe.  Neither of us are ready for this sweet season of life to end.  
Going on 13 months of love, connection, exhaustion, patience,  and that wonderful milky smell, and there’s no end in sight. 

For all my fellow nursing mamas out there, I’ve found a bunch of spring dresses and tops with easy access to the goods.  

1.  Tencel wrap dress- such a flattering flare.  
2.  Eyelet dress- perfect for weddings, brunches, showers, graduations... all the spring events! 
3.  Button down dress- under $30!
4.  Floral dress- so pretty. 
5. Stripe dress - designed for nursing, it has a secret little pocket.  
6.  Stripe button down- easy for everyday.  
7.  Cross sweatshirt- I live in this!  So easy to nurse in.  
8.  Wrap top- great for dressing up.  
9.  Button tank- so great for summer!  

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

What Moms REALLY Want For Mother's Day

I asked, and whoa... I got SO many responses when I posed this question on Instagram- what do moms really want for Mother's Day?  Believe it or not, no one said a mug or candle.  😂


"An afternoon. Handed the keys, a wad of cash, and say see ya after dinner!"
"I don’t think I’m alone when saying: being alone.  I want to get brunch with friends, not a toddler, a pedicure and a nap. HOME ALONE!"
"But really I wanna lay in bed all day in a silent house and watch Netflix and online shop and eat a bunch of dessert"
"Hotel stay by myself"
"Just the morning alone"
Some me time to get a good workout and a massage in, and probably a nap"
"The afternoon to stroll around the local greenhouse to pick my plants/flowers for hours of digging in dirt to plant my pots"


"Spa day all alone"
"A massage" (soooo many of these!)
"A facial"
"An appointment made for me to go get my nails done"
"I want a spa day I didn't arrange for myself"
"A hair appointment with the works and no grief about the cost"


"A week off from the dishes"
"Mommy and Me photo session.  Photos are my guilty pleasure"
"Literally anything I didn’t plan or buy myself!"
"A fun day together as a family that I don’t have to plan!"
"A deep cleaning on the house by a professional! I’m talking like a full 8 hours while we’re gone where you come home to floors so clean you can eat off of them!"
"A few home projects to be completed without me hovering, taking the lead on, or nagging to get done"
"My car detailed" 
" I don't want flowers or necklaces or a hotel... I just want someone to do my job for a day"


"A handmade card from my toddler I didn't help with" 
"I would say a handmade project by the little ones"
"I want a good picture of me with my kids I didn't ask for"


"A fully loaded Starbucks gift card that will last me months"

Anddd 47 mamas said (yes, I counted) sleep.  

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Mom Spring Staples: Bottoms

Let's keep going with the mom wardrobe staples, shall we?

1.  Boyfriend jeans- these are my favorite jeans ever.  I think they would flatter just about every body.  They also somehow feel as comfy as sweatpants?  It's wonderful.  

2.  Jean shorts- I live in denim shorts in the summer, so I have a wide variety.  But this pair with its high waist and longer hemline is universally complimentary.  They're literally called "the perfect jean short".  

3.  I wasn't going to include black leggings because they aren't very spring-y... but I realized black leggings are a mom must have, no matter the season.  This pair is SO budget friendly but seriously on par with my Lululemon's quality.  Seriously, read the reviews.  

4.  White jeans- This is my first year owning white jeans, so I wouldn't say they're a NEED but they're fun to mix in a little variety.  

5.  Comfy shorts- people are raving about this pair, and they have a longer inseam than most I've seen.  

6.  Not ready to put away my regular denim skinny jeans- They're a fall, winter, and spring staple here in Minnesota.  I own two pairs of these, they're that good.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Mom Spring Staples: The Basic Tee

Another round in my mom spring staples!  You can see the first round here.  This one is pretty standard- a white t-shirt and a stripe t-shirt.  But they're the perfect base to any outfit, and I've tried and tested a LOT to find the perfect fits. 

1.  The slouchiest, striped tee.  Seasonless, timeless... it's a necessity.
2.  Knot front white long sleeve- a basic with a little twist.
3.  Striped wrap front- nursing friendly!
4.  My favorite white tee.
5.  A classic striped boatneck.
6.  You know I love a peplum tee!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Mama Style Favorites

I recently went to a baby shower, and instead of a gift for the babe (who got plenty of new gear!) the sweet hostess got a lovely "new mom" necklace for the mom to be.  It reminded me of one of my favorite gifts I've ever gotten- my mama ring Ophelia gave me this Mother's Day.  

Here are some similar pretties, if you are looking to wear your badge of honor.