Monday, March 11, 2019

Ralphie Reads: Favorite Baby Books

I've received a few questions lately on instagram about if Ralphie is as into reading and books as Ophelia is.  Oh, he is!  He is constantly bringing me book after book, and gets very frustrated when they end.

I've said it about a million times, but I am really dedicated to raising readers.  I shared some of my tips on how to help your child to love reading in this post, but I also wanted to share some favorite books for this age group - often times the right book makes the difference!

1.  Baby Feelings:  He loves staring at the faces, and as a bonus big sister can "read" this one to him, which they both just adore.

2.  Peekaboo Kisses: This is probably his favorite- he loves peekaboo anything, and the mirror at the end delights him every time.  I do change the words a little on this one- because you can't see kisses, so it doesn't make sense to a young literal reader. 

3.  Babies and Doggies: A favorite of both my kids- cute babies and dogs, how could you go wrong?

4.  Old Bear: I love all of Kevin Henkes books.  Ophelia has this one memorized and Ralphie is on his way too!

5.  Everywhere Babies:  This one is more a favorite of mine- it's just so sweet!

6.  Baby Says Peekaboo: They shared this one at the baby storytime we attend recently and it was a serious hit.  Lots of textures to feel, flaps to fold, and a mirror!

7.  Dear Zoo: Such a cute story, and flaps.

8.  First 100 Words:  Both my kids just loved this book from day one- the clear, real life pictures are memorizing.  The animal pages are a favorite!

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