Monday, March 25, 2019

My Current Faves

That first warm weekend of spring feels SO darn good, doesn't it?  Here are some of the other things in my life I'm digging.  

1.  These pink sunglasses- they just feel so cheerful!

2.  Drink in the Box- have you guys heard of these?  They're awesome.  Perfect for smoothies, and my kids feel so cool when they use them!  

3.  Better Life Cleaner- I've bought and tried about a billion different kids of natural all purpose cleaner and they've all just been... okay.  But this one is the winner!  Read the reviews! 

4. Plant pots- Nothing like spring to kick start my cycle of buying plants.  These pretty pink pots had to be mine too! I hang my plants in these (cheap!) macrame hanging planters.  

5.  The perfect white tee- Enough said.  

6.  Leopard sneakers- I get a lot of questions about my leopard sneaks I wear on Instagram and sadly they're sold out.  But these look super similar!

5.  Defending Jacob- This is my current read and it's realllly good.  I usually don't like books by men authors (sorry) or written from a man's point of view (sorry again?) but this one is different.  And apparently it's getting made into a TV show with Lady Mary from Downton Abbey! 

6.  Raw Sugar Shampoo and Conditioner- the company sent these to me to try out, but I absolutely LOVE them.  I'd been using Perfect Day, which is so much more expensive, and honestly these are better.  

7.  Spring jeans- Sometimes you need to switch it up from your everyday skinny jeans.  THE FIT ON THESE IS THE BEST EVER.  Size down, they run big, but they're sooo cute.  I'm so excited to bare my ankle!  Hey, it's the little things.  

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