Thursday, March 28, 2019

Mom Spring Staples: The Utility Jacket

I recently got a message asking if I had any recommendations for easy stay at home mom clothes- "basic and comfortable things you can mix and match to look put together" was the exact request.  I thought it was kind of a fun challenge, and I'm going to start a series on some mom staples. 

I'm starting with outerwear- my first staple is the good ol' utility jacket.  I actually have two, one heavier and one lighter- I feel no shame, living in Minnesota means I'm entitled to all the outerwear I want.  I love a utility jacket for fall and spring, and it dresses up any outfit it tops. 

Here are six current options I love:

1. Hooded option
2. Drawstring
3. Peplum - currently 40% off!
4. Zipper
5. Daisys
6. Cargo pockets

Monday, March 25, 2019

My Current Faves

That first warm weekend of spring feels SO darn good, doesn't it?  Here are some of the other things in my life I'm digging.  

1.  These pink sunglasses- they just feel so cheerful!

2.  Drink in the Box- have you guys heard of these?  They're awesome.  Perfect for smoothies, and my kids feel so cool when they use them!  

3.  Better Life Cleaner- I've bought and tried about a billion different kids of natural all purpose cleaner and they've all just been... okay.  But this one is the winner!  Read the reviews! 

4. Plant pots- Nothing like spring to kick start my cycle of buying plants.  These pretty pink pots had to be mine too! I hang my plants in these (cheap!) macrame hanging planters.  

5.  The perfect white tee- Enough said.  

6.  Leopard sneakers- I get a lot of questions about my leopard sneaks I wear on Instagram and sadly they're sold out.  But these look super similar!

5.  Defending Jacob- This is my current read and it's realllly good.  I usually don't like books by men authors (sorry) or written from a man's point of view (sorry again?) but this one is different.  And apparently it's getting made into a TV show with Lady Mary from Downton Abbey! 

6.  Raw Sugar Shampoo and Conditioner- the company sent these to me to try out, but I absolutely LOVE them.  I'd been using Perfect Day, which is so much more expensive, and honestly these are better.  

7.  Spring jeans- Sometimes you need to switch it up from your everyday skinny jeans.  THE FIT ON THESE IS THE BEST EVER.  Size down, they run big, but they're sooo cute.  I'm so excited to bare my ankle!  Hey, it's the little things.  

Friday, March 22, 2019

Sweatshirts for Spring


A trend I am totally digging this spring?  Sweatshirts.  Okay, I know sweatshirts aren't exactly a novel idea, but there seems to be a crop of dressed up sweatshirts everywhere lately (maybe a nod to the nineties, like everything else in fashion lately?) and a cute sweatshirt makes mom dressing so easy!

I've got this guy in two patterns (stripes and leopard print, duh!) and they're already staples.  And how freaking cute is this puff sleeve number?

My finds:
1. Amour
4. Stripes
6. Mama
7. Rainbow

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Water Play with Sponges- Young Toddler Activity

We love a good sensory bin around here- and Ralphie is water obsessed.  So I filled up one container with water and the other with sponges cut into different shapes and had him move them back and forth.  As an added bonus, chewing on the wet sponges was a big help for my guy's new teeth!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Affordable Green Beauty Products That Actually Work

Since becoming pregnant with Ophelia, I've made an effort to only use non toxic products in our home.  This of course, includes the things we put on our bodies.

 I think it's pretty safe to say that most of us don't want any chemicals in my beauty products- there are a million reasons to make the switch to greener products.  But it's tough when the things that are  safe are painfully expensive!  It feels hard to spend $50 on something I'm going to wash down my drain.

That's why I'm so happy that recently a lot more companies are producing green products that are actually affordable- AND WORK!  Here are my tried and true favorites:

1.  Vitamin C Serum- I originally was going to write this blog post JUST about this serum.  It's amazing!  I noticed a difference in my skin the very first time I used it.

2.  Honest Mascara- THIS STUFF IS THE TRUTH.  I am seriously terrible at applying makeup and this made it so easy!  I LOVE the primer on the end for making my short, stubby lashes look decent.

3.  Lavanilla deodorant- I've written about this deodorant before here.  I've tried TONS of natural deodorants, and I am a very sweaty gal.  This one works!

4.  Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer- I love this stuff for a pop of color, and it's also super moisturizing.

5.  Botanics Moisturizer- Super hydrating and good for sensitive skin.

6. Honest Face Wash- Gentle but effective.  It was super hard for me to find a green cleanser that wasn't a billion dollars, and this one fits the bill!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Amazon Budget Friendly Finds

I'm a little bit of a (self proclaimed) Amazon queen.  I love digging through that wild website and finding the gems.  Here are some of my recent finds- and they're all under $30!  

1.  Ruffle dress: comes in a bunch of other colors too.
2.  Striped sweater- so cute!
3.  Rainbow stripes tee
4.  Slipper booties:  my loves!
5.  Leopard sweater
6.  Pajama set
7.  Leggings: read the reviews.  People seriously write sonnets about these! 
8.  Henley- perfect for nursing!
9.  Espadrilles- Chanel dupes.
10.  Hat- the quality is amazing.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Ralphie Reads: Favorite Baby Books

I've received a few questions lately on instagram about if Ralphie is as into reading and books as Ophelia is.  Oh, he is!  He is constantly bringing me book after book, and gets very frustrated when they end.

I've said it about a million times, but I am really dedicated to raising readers.  I shared some of my tips on how to help your child to love reading in this post, but I also wanted to share some favorite books for this age group - often times the right book makes the difference!

1.  Baby Feelings:  He loves staring at the faces, and as a bonus big sister can "read" this one to him, which they both just adore.

2.  Peekaboo Kisses: This is probably his favorite- he loves peekaboo anything, and the mirror at the end delights him every time.  I do change the words a little on this one- because you can't see kisses, so it doesn't make sense to a young literal reader. 

3.  Babies and Doggies: A favorite of both my kids- cute babies and dogs, how could you go wrong?

4.  Old Bear: I love all of Kevin Henkes books.  Ophelia has this one memorized and Ralphie is on his way too!

5.  Everywhere Babies:  This one is more a favorite of mine- it's just so sweet!

6.  Baby Says Peekaboo: They shared this one at the baby storytime we attend recently and it was a serious hit.  Lots of textures to feel, flaps to fold, and a mirror!

7.  Dear Zoo: Such a cute story, and flaps.

8.  First 100 Words:  Both my kids just loved this book from day one- the clear, real life pictures are memorizing.  The animal pages are a favorite!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Best Affordable Swimsuits for Moms

I LOVE this swimsuit- the lines are super flattering and the ruffle shoulder makes it fun.  And it's only $22! 

Okay, first of all let me just say- a mom (or anybody!) can wear any swimsuit she wants.  I made this post with more modest styles and a lot of one pieces because that's what I'm more comfortable with these days- my kids are constantly pulling on me an I'd rather not accidentally flash the splash pad crowd or lose my bottoms.  

I wanted to share some good finds for anybody heading on a spring break trip, or planning ahead for summer.  These are all well reviewed, flattering pieces, and they won't break the bank! 

As a side note, I'm actually sort of terrified for swimming this summer with Ralphie- he LOVES water and has no fear.  I'm basically going to need some sort of life jacket leash combo! Any ideas?

1.  Yellow one shoulder two piece- seriously adorable.  

2.  Striped one piece- SO nursing friendly!

3.  Off the shoulder crochet- I just got this one and love it.  

4.  Scalloped one piece- people are RAVING about this one.  

5.  Boatneck one piece- this one is so pretty and timeless.  

6. Scallop halter neck- looks like Marysia for wayyyy less.  

7.  Striped red one piece- the stripe pattern is super flattering.  

8.  Colorblock one piece- so cute!

9.  Ruffle one shoulder- the reviews on this are IMPRESSIVE.  It also comes in a bunch of colors!

10.  Cutout one piece- also gets really good reviews.  

11.  Flounce two piece- I have this one and wear it basically all summer long.  

12.  Ruffle neck one piece- those vertical stripes are so slimming!