Monday, February 11, 2019

How I (Actually) Get My Kid to Eat Vegetables

When I was pregnant with Ophelia, I was the best parent ever.  I had everything figured out.  One of the many things I was sure of?  My child would be an enthusiastic and adventurous eater.

My husband and I both consider ourselves foodies,  and I imagined my child follow suit,  like one of those wonderful French children I'd read about.  She'd happily scarf down salmon and kale, and we'd never order off something as plebeian as a kid's menu. 

Then I had my daughter.  Her first year she mainly ate the boob, and she was healthy and growing.  But once she weaned when I was pregnant, at two, her weight dropped below the fifth percentile and our doctor put her on a strict weight gain plan.

Food became a giant fight. Ophelia just truly does not care about eating  The things she agrees to are fruit and forms of bread with cheese- she rotates between bagels, quesadillas, mac and cheese.  Our doc says its more important that everything she puts in her mouth has calories, and that its my job to offer all different kinds of foods, but up to her on how much she wants to eat. So if she is willing to eat a bagel with cream cheese and raspberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that's what we do.

I had grand dreams of her loving vegetables, but that's just not where we are right now.  And I refuse to make food any more of battle then it already is.  So I thought I'd share some of my real mom tricks to get some forms of veggies in her.  No, none of these are perfect or ideal, but they're working for right now.

These do have sugar in them, but the first ingredients are vegetables, and Ophelia actually asks for these! I just wish they were organic.

Yup, we do a lot of pouches.  Specifally the Love Your Veggie ones- they have a full serving of vegetables, and way less sugar then a lot of the others.  

She actually loves these!  Another awesome thing about these is that they are letters, so she can learn and play with them too!

Pea Crisps
These are often her "side" option at dinner and she will eat them!  

We do a lot of smoothies in our house and I always hide lots of green goodness in them.  As long as there are enough strawberries to turn it pink, she's good.  

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