Sunday, December 9, 2018

Positive Parenting Phrases

I wanted to share some of my favorite positive parenting phrases that have worked well for me.  It's so much easier to say "good job!"  all the time, but I find that that starts to lose its meaning after while, and that Ophelia seems to respond better when I pay attention to her effort, and not just the result.  I also loved this article about why "good job" isn't helpful.  Here are some alternatives! 

1.  You make me so proud.  
2.  You have such good ideas!
3.  That was a great choice.  
4.  You're working so hard! 
5.  I'm listening to you.  
6.  I'm here with you.  
7. I'm so lucky to be your mom! 
8.  You are so helpful.  
9.  You can try again.  
10.  You tried really hard at that! 
11.  That was hard work!
12.  You make me so happy.  
13.  Being with you is so fun!
14.  I'm here to help if you need me.   
15.  What questions do you have?
16.  Could you use a break?
17.  It's okay to be sad/mad.  
18.  You can do hard things! 
19.  I could never stop loving you.  
20.  I love you! 


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