Sunday, December 2, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Little Artist

My favorite things to do with Ophelia are anything creative- dramatic play (her specialty) or art.  I feel like art gifts are often overlooked for in favor of flashy toys, but they're actually the things that save me on a snowy day.  Here are some of our favorites!

1.  Easel- IKEA for the win.  Actually, we love all the IKEA art supplies. And these are our go to paints! 
2.  Good old fashioned Play-Doh
3.  This craft kit may or may not be under our tree!
4.  Watercolors are the best.  Not messy, and we love the Kid Made Modern brand. 
5.  After buying tons of crayons, and throwing them away constantly, I finally bit the bullet and got this guy.  Game changer. 
6.  I've raved about this before, but these paint sticks are our favorite! 

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