Friday, November 2, 2018

The Teddy Coat

My teddy coat & Ophelia's leopard coat // boots

One of the rights of a Minnesotan?  Getting to own approximately 529,388 coats and jackets.  I don't feel guilty about my vast outerwear collection, because basically all anyone sees me in for six months is a coat- might as well have a few pretty ones to switch around! The Teddy Coat trend is huge this year, and lends itself perfectly to a Minnesota winter.  Wearing one is essentially the equivalent of wrapping a large fleece blanket around yourself in public.  It's glorious.  Here are a couple  I have my eyes on:  this plaid one  is seriously adorable, and this one comes in multiple colors and is on its way to me!  Here are nine more- and they're all under $80!

Short // Snaps // Zip neck (I'm obsessed with this one!)
 Fluffy (I own this and wear it everyday already!) // Pink //Teddy Peacoat

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