Friday, November 23, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: For Her (aka a few of my favorite things)

Okay, I will come clean- I am probably the hardest person to shop for ever.  When there's something I want, I usually just... buy it for myself.  I would way rather give gifts than receive them!  But I do have a coupplllee things on my list, and the others are highly recommended! 

1. Glitter sneaks
2.  Polka dot blouse
3.  I am LOVING this moisturizer- perfect for winter!
4.  Such a pretty color coat
5.  Print pictures from your phone!
6.  Floral earrings
7.  The coziest sweats
8.  Something sparkle-y
9.  Leopard beanie
10.  My favorite everyday necklace
11.  The coziest pullover- under $20!

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