Thursday, November 8, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: For The Babies

Ralphie's pajamas are these!

I am SO excited to start my 2018 gift guides- they're always some of my most popular posts, and I always appreciate how many people tell me they were helpful!  I did want to make a note though- of course I don't think any child needs all of these things (let alone any of it!) and my children definitely don't get all of these things for gifts!  I've noticed a case of "the gimmes" lately with Ophelia (I think it's a pretty common three year old thing) and I want to make sure she appreciates all the wonderful things she already has, and how fortunate she is.  My gifting mantra with my own children is: "something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read"- you can be pretty flexible with those categories, but it definitely helps to eliminate  an overwhelming gifting experience.  I am also planning to focus on ways to help make the holiday season about more than just presents- volunteering to help others, and family experiences.  

That being said- these are some of our very favorite toys for babies! 

1.  Fish-  This crinkles and squeaks, and is way bigger then most similar toys.  

2.  Ball- It's a classic for a reason.  

3. Keys- My babies are always obsessed with keys. 

4.  Sweet Dreams, Sam - We were introduced to this book at baby storytime and Ralphie LOVED it!  He could not stop touching the pages.  

5.  Activity cube- A family favorite.  

6.  Oball- The best first toy.  

7.  Slide- Because winter is here and this will help burn some energy!

8.  Bus- Okay, this thing looks strange but I swear it is so fun! An open ended toy that gets used a ton of different ways.  

9.  Egg Shakers- If you buy one thing off this list, let it be egg shakers.  Babies seriously dig them. 

10.  First 100 Words- a baby library staple.  Ralph loves the pictures, and Ophelia still asks to read this one! 

11.  Rattle-  For the stocking!

12.  Sensory balls- Perfect for chewing on. 

13.  Tunnel- On Ralphie's wishlist.  

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