Friday, November 9, 2018

Gift Guide: For the Kids

1.  A play kitchen is a childhood favorite.  This one is so freaking cute, but the IKEA one is really good too!

2.  Face paint- Ophelia is going to adore this! Perfect stocking stuffer.

3.  Bear & Wolf- this book is getting rave reviews for the preschool crowd.

4.  Magnatiles- everyone is obsessed, and for good reason.  I love an open ended toy that encourages imagination!

5.  Walkie Talkies-  It's rare for me to recommend a toy with a battery- not my thing.  But these will get kids moving and seem so fun!

6.  Legos- A classic.

7.  Pie Face game- I'm secretly so excited to play this. 

8.  Rainbow purse-  I added this because I've noticed how much this age loves storing little objects- Ophelia always puts rocks in her pockets, or animal figurines in a little bag.

9.  Doctor kit- any dress up/imaginative play kit is a good option!

10.  Uni The Unicorn- another great preschooler book!

11.  Calico Critters- I can attest to how loved these are.

12.  Instax camera- I'm really excited to get Ophelia a camera of her own!

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