Thursday, November 29, 2018

Winter Nursing Friendly Tops

I've been living in cozy sweaters and jeans lately, but if I'm not wearing the UnderCover Mama (greatest thing ever!),  when I'm nursing in public there's a lot of cold belly exposed.  So I thought I'd round up some cold weather nursing tops to get us through winter.

Notes- this is my favorite nursing bra ever, and I love these ones too.
These are the nursing tanks I live in the newborn stage!

1.  Plaid button down- perfect for the holidays!
2.  Wrap top- I have this and love it.  It's the comfiest thing ever.  
3.  Button down- own this one too!
4.  Lace top- party ready!
7.  Tie front tee- comes in a bunch of colors.  
8.  Hoodie- one of my faves!
9.  Ballerina top- on my wish list.  

Monday, November 26, 2018

Our Favorite Holiday Books

1.  This Peek Through Nutcrackers is SO beautiful.
2.  Ophelia loves the "Wish" books- and she kind of reminds me of little Anja too!  The pictures are absolutely gorgeous.
3. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas - a classic, redone for the children of the 21st century.
4.  Little Blue Truck Christmas- we love the Little Blue Truck books.
5.  Fancy Nancy's Christmas- anything Fancy Nancy is a must have for Ophelia.
6.  The Twinkly Christmas Tree book is just so cute!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

What I Bought on Black Friday

I have not been a very good girl this weekend.  Apologizes to my wallet and my mailman.  Except actually, I got all my Christmas shopping done, so I don't feel too bad.   These were some of my favorite finds you can still get! 

Lacy sweater-50% with code CYBER
Initial earrings - I got a R and an O! 50% with code ADD2CART
Ophelia has been asking everyone for a "pink baby"- found this one on Amazon. 
This nursing friendly, super soft top.  30% off. 
My favvvvvorite jeans.  25% with code with code DEALWITHIT
This adorable Grandpa sweater.  40% off with code CYBER

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

I had some input from a very special guest author for my men's gift guide-my loving husband.  If you know him, you know he is not shy about his opinions.  So I think it should be a good one! 
1.  A nice half zip with a little nod to their team.  Skol!
2.  Ian says "these are the best shoes I've ever purchased".
3.  A sous vide for the chef.
4.  A car cleaning set- for the man who loves his Jeep.
5.  Manly sweatpants.
6.  I see gloves on every men's gift guide, but there's a reason- they're a good gift!
7.  A salt platter for the grillmaster.  Makes all your meat taste better!
8.  A range finder for the golfer.
9.  A subscription!  I gave Ian Sports Illustrated last year and every time it comes its like a special little present.  Although he does take a longer time in the bathroom... He currently loves "The Journal".
10.  Every guy needs a Patagonia fleece.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: For Her (aka a few of my favorite things)

Okay, I will come clean- I am probably the hardest person to shop for ever.  When there's something I want, I usually just... buy it for myself.  I would way rather give gifts than receive them!  But I do have a coupplllee things on my list, and the others are highly recommended! 

1. Glitter sneaks
2.  Polka dot blouse
3.  I am LOVING this moisturizer- perfect for winter!
4.  Such a pretty color coat
5.  Print pictures from your phone!
6.  Floral earrings
7.  The coziest sweats
8.  Something sparkle-y
9.  Leopard beanie
10.  My favorite everyday necklace
11.  The coziest pullover- under $20!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Week Shopping Guide

The sales have started early this year!
I will keep updating this post as more sales come in
Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving week.  I hope everyone celebrates with someone they love and something delsh they love to eat.  Another great thing about this holiday? The shopping!

I'm SO not a Black Friday- line up at midnight to get a new big screen TV- kind of gal.  But shopping online from my couch?  Yeeeeeap, all in.
Here is your key to all the best deals.  

Amazon: Shop all the deals right here
I'm watching this like a hawk.  

Shopbop: Take up to 25% off your order with code MORE18.  
My picks: Obsessed with this top- so perfect for the holiday season.  

Glossier: 20% off everything- they NEVER have sales!
My picks: I am OBSESSED with the moisturizer for this winter skin, and the mascara is perfect for makeup novices like me.  

Target:  See deals here.  
My picks: These jammies are so dang cute, and this toy is one of Ralphie's favorites.  

American Eagle: 40% off 
My picks: This is my favorite cardigan ever.  

Anthropologie: 30% off- starts tomorrow

My picks: This nursing friendly top, this leopard top, and this polka dot blouse

ASOS: 25% off with code EPIC25

My picks: This striped sweater is in my cart, and this skirt is holiday party ready.  

H&M: 20% + free shipping with code 3237
My picks: LOVE this knot sweater and this sequin top.  For my littles: These overalls and this sweater dress.  

Abercrombie: 50% the entire store. 

My picks: Obsessed with this teddy coat and this blouse is so cute!

Gap: 50% off your entire purchase with code GIFT. 
My picks: For me- obsessed with this cardigan and these mittens.  For kids- dying over this little baseball henley onesie, and I highly recommend Ophelia's leopard coat.  

J.Crew: 40% off your purchase with code TOGETHER. 
My picks: These boots are a winter classic and this sweater is so adorable.  I have my eye on this fleece for Ophelia too!

J.Crew Factory: 50% off everything (literally everything) on the site- use code ADDTOCART
My picks: Wishing this came in my size, and this henley for the boys in my life! 

LOFT: 40% off almost everything on the site with code BESTWEEK. 
My picks: This is seriously so cute, and I adore this! This looks like the  most perfect mom sweater ever.  

Madewell: 25% off your entire purchase with code DEALWITHIT. 
My picks: These are my FAVORITE new jeans, and this top looks perfect for everyday.  

Old Navy: 50% off everything 
My picks: For kids- oh my gosht A LLAMA SWEATER, and this star fleece would be a preschool perfect layer.  For me- I am eying this amazing velvet jumpsuit.  

Express: 50% off everything
My picks: These need to be mine, and this is adorable!

Mama's Picks

Little Picks

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Gift Guide: For Your Mom

Shopping for your mom (or in laws!) is tough because they kind of already have everything, right?  But you still want to show them how much they mean to you.  

1.  Sherpa gloves
2.  Astrological sign lip treatment
3.  Velvet circle bag - I have serious heart eyes for this.
4.   A highly reviewed sleep mask.
5.  Cutest reusable grocery bags - because she always forgets.
6.  Love bangle
7.  A pretty scarf.
8.  Adorable PJ set- also love these!
9.  A coffee date with you- because that's all she wants anyways!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Gift Guide: For The New Mama

Ohh, that heart breakingly sweet time of being a brand new mama to a brand new babe.  If you have a new mom on your gift list,  be sweet to her!  The baby will get a lot of presents, so let's treat mom to something good.  A gift card to Blooma would be a wonderful present, or perhaps a quick trip to get her nails done.  Here are some other, tangible ideas for under the tree! 

1.  MOTHER sweatshirt- so she can feel comfy and proud in her new roll. 
2.  A sparkly water bottle.  The straw is essential!
3.  Gold eye patches- it feels so good to treat yourself to something a little silly, and these actually work!
4.  My favorite carrier.  Works from newborn- toddler!
5.  Mama coffee mug
6.  The BEST dry shampoo
7.  Cute and cozy sweatpants
8.  My favorite gift ever- my mama ring!
9.  A personalized necklace with baby's name. 
10.  A backpack to keep her hands free.
11.  This wrap top gets glowing reviews and would be PERFECT for nursing!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Gift Guide: Finds Under $20

I read a lot of blogger's gift guides and there are so many cute ideas out there- but they're often super expensive!  I don't know many people who can buy all the people they love $50+ gifts.  I searched high and low to find some gifts that are under $20, but still special- not junk that will get thrown away.  For all the co workers, Secret Santas, and teachers out there- let's think beyond the candle!  

Monday, November 12, 2018

Friday, November 9, 2018

Gift Guide: For the Kids

1.  A play kitchen is a childhood favorite.  This one is so freaking cute, but the IKEA one is really good too!

2.  Face paint- Ophelia is going to adore this! Perfect stocking stuffer.

3.  Bear & Wolf- this book is getting rave reviews for the preschool crowd.

4.  Magnatiles- everyone is obsessed, and for good reason.  I love an open ended toy that encourages imagination!

5.  Walkie Talkies-  It's rare for me to recommend a toy with a battery- not my thing.  But these will get kids moving and seem so fun!

6.  Legos- A classic.

7.  Pie Face game- I'm secretly so excited to play this. 

8.  Rainbow purse-  I added this because I've noticed how much this age loves storing little objects- Ophelia always puts rocks in her pockets, or animal figurines in a little bag.

9.  Doctor kit- any dress up/imaginative play kit is a good option!

10.  Uni The Unicorn- another great preschooler book!

11.  Calico Critters- I can attest to how loved these are.

12.  Instax camera- I'm really excited to get Ophelia a camera of her own!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: For The Babies

Ralphie's pajamas are these!

I am SO excited to start my 2018 gift guides- they're always some of my most popular posts, and I always appreciate how many people tell me they were helpful!  I did want to make a note though- of course I don't think any child needs all of these things (let alone any of it!) and my children definitely don't get all of these things for gifts!  I've noticed a case of "the gimmes" lately with Ophelia (I think it's a pretty common three year old thing) and I want to make sure she appreciates all the wonderful things she already has, and how fortunate she is.  My gifting mantra with my own children is: "something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read"- you can be pretty flexible with those categories, but it definitely helps to eliminate  an overwhelming gifting experience.  I am also planning to focus on ways to help make the holiday season about more than just presents- volunteering to help others, and family experiences.  

That being said- these are some of our very favorite toys for babies! 

1.  Fish-  This crinkles and squeaks, and is way bigger then most similar toys.  

2.  Ball- It's a classic for a reason.  

3. Keys- My babies are always obsessed with keys. 

4.  Sweet Dreams, Sam - We were introduced to this book at baby storytime and Ralphie LOVED it!  He could not stop touching the pages.  

5.  Activity cube- A family favorite.  

6.  Oball- The best first toy.  

7.  Slide- Because winter is here and this will help burn some energy!

8.  Bus- Okay, this thing looks strange but I swear it is so fun! An open ended toy that gets used a ton of different ways.  

9.  Egg Shakers- If you buy one thing off this list, let it be egg shakers.  Babies seriously dig them. 

10.  First 100 Words- a baby library staple.  Ralph loves the pictures, and Ophelia still asks to read this one! 

11.  Rattle-  For the stocking!

12.  Sensory balls- Perfect for chewing on. 

13.  Tunnel- On Ralphie's wishlist.  

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Teddy Coat

My teddy coat & Ophelia's leopard coat // boots

One of the rights of a Minnesotan?  Getting to own approximately 529,388 coats and jackets.  I don't feel guilty about my vast outerwear collection, because basically all anyone sees me in for six months is a coat- might as well have a few pretty ones to switch around! The Teddy Coat trend is huge this year, and lends itself perfectly to a Minnesota winter.  Wearing one is essentially the equivalent of wrapping a large fleece blanket around yourself in public.  It's glorious.  Here are a couple  I have my eyes on:  this plaid one  is seriously adorable, and this one comes in multiple colors and is on its way to me!  Here are nine more- and they're all under $80!

Short // Snaps // Zip neck (I'm obsessed with this one!)
 Fluffy (I own this and wear it everyday already!) // Pink //Teddy Peacoat