Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Things I Want At Target Right Now

Join me on a virtual Target run, won't you? 

Probably the best $12 you'll spend all fall- this stripe top is a winner.  
1.  Marbled pumpkins- a classy take on fall decor.  
2.  Leopard sneakers- SO DANG GOOD!
3.  Plaid poncho- Cozytown, USA. Cue the apple orchards and pumpkin patches! 
4.  Plaid pillow- obsessed!
5. Cardigan- I love the sleeve detail. 
6. Wood bowls- that thrifted/vintage look but without the scavenging. 
7. Tassel throw- serious Anthro vibes, and its only $17!
8.  Backpack- perfect for mom duty. 
9. White basket- cutest way to store your kids crap ever.  
10.  Slouchy tee- such a good fit. 
11.  Leopard skirt- I clearly love leopard print this season.  
12. Mama mug- would make a perfect gift! 

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  1. seriously, this blog post title is basically the title of my brain every single day right now! i just keep my shopping cart up and loaded in case i feel like springing for it. haha. target!! how doooo they do it!!


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