Sunday, September 30, 2018

Gift Ideas for a Three Year Old

I cannot CANNOT believe that my itty bitty baby girl is going to be three.  She's basically an adult now, a little person with an amazing imagination and opinions all her own.  I wanted to share some things that are favorites already, and some things on Ophelia's birthday wishlist.  My favorite toys are (as I've said before) open ended, things that help your little one use their brain, and don't flash or play sounds.

Things we have, love, and recommend for a gift:
scooter- Ophelia has always been a little slower to develop physically (she didn't walk until she was 16 months!) and very fast to develop cognitively.  Her scooter has been a big help in getting her to use her body, move in different ways, and take risks.  She would like me to note that she definitely recommends it more than her balance bike!

Play doh - I mean, its a classic for a reason.  Endless ways to play with it, and its the perfect rainy day activity.

a magazine subscription- getting something in the mail is seriously amazing for a preschooler, and she keeps all of these and re reads them constantly.

On Ophelia's wishlist:
craft kit- I've heard great things about this kit being perfect for open ended play!

ABC floor puzzle- puzzles are a big hit with three year olds who are currently mastering the ideas of "over, under, next to, etc".  This one gets rave reviews.

first board game- people young and old are obsessed with this game- its in my cart and I can't wait to find out why!

dress up kit- Ophelia is seriously all about pretend, dramatic play.  Combined with her love of princesses and all things fancy, I think this will be a hit.

books- my kid is a voracious reader, much like her mama, so I have a lot of book recommendations I can share in another post.  But we recently found a First Little House book at the library, and I just LOVED reading it to her.  It was her first foray into learning history- her interest was piqued about "the olden days",  and reminded it me of my childhood.  I want all of them!

doll- as I've said before, she is obsessed with the Fancy Nancy books, so I think she'll love this doll!  We have lots of others, but if you're looking for you first doll purchase, I highly recommend the Corelle babies- they weirdly smell really good. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Things I Want At Target Right Now

Join me on a virtual Target run, won't you? 

Probably the best $12 you'll spend all fall- this stripe top is a winner.  
1.  Marbled pumpkins- a classy take on fall decor.  
2.  Leopard sneakers- SO DANG GOOD!
3.  Plaid poncho- Cozytown, USA. Cue the apple orchards and pumpkin patches! 
4.  Plaid pillow- obsessed!
5. Cardigan- I love the sleeve detail. 
6. Wood bowls- that thrifted/vintage look but without the scavenging. 
7. Tassel throw- serious Anthro vibes, and its only $17!
8.  Backpack- perfect for mom duty. 
9. White basket- cutest way to store your kids crap ever.  
10.  Slouchy tee- such a good fit. 
11.  Leopard skirt- I clearly love leopard print this season.  
12. Mama mug- would make a perfect gift! 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Fall Sweaters Under $49

There's not much cozier then the perfect fall sweater on a crisp day, am I right?  Even better- one that's easy on the wallet.  These are all so cute, and not a dime over $40!

Off shoulder- I love the texture! // Pink- comes in 5 other colors //Wrap sweater- perfect for nursing!
Twist bottom- I love the waffle knit!// Lace trim- so darn pretty! // Cowl neck- flattering on everyone
Cardigan- cozytown! // Tunic- perfect for leggings // Vneck- lots of other color choices too! 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Mascara for A Person Who Doesn't Wear Makeup

So, the hype is real.  The Glossier Lash Slick is pretty amazing.  I hate wearing makeup, and rarely do, but sometimes need a little something to wake up the dead mom eyes.  According to the brand, it took them 18 months and 248 tries to get the formula just right.  Impressive, right? I tried it after reading this article, and I love it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

LOFT Sale Picks

Everything at LOFT is 40% off today- the code is NEWNOW.  I've had so many things on my wishlist waiting in my cart for a sale, so I'm very excited.  This jacket is the PERFECT color, and this button chambray top is so up my alley. Also- this is kind of the perfect scarf for fall, am I right?

check out the rest of my picks:

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Nursing Friendly Finds- Fall Tops Edition

I'm wearing this henley, and these jeans.  

Back at it with more breastfeeding friendly tops- fall edition!  I have my eyes on this flannel, okay and this one too. I own and adore this chambray-it's a wardrobe must.  Also- I  raved about this top here, but it is a SERIOUS winner.

click the pictures for the rest of my finds!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Twin Cities Apple Orchards

I wanted to round up some of the best apple orchards in the Twin Cities for that quintessential fall family fun.  You can always use the Minnesota Grown Directory to find the closest one to you, but here are some of our faves.

1.  Whistling Well Farm in Hastings
Our very favorite.  It's simple- not a lot of gimmicks/ activities, but its beautiful, and there are roaming farm animals! You can also bring your dog!

2.  Aamodts Orchard in Stillwater
This is where I grew up going, and we still go every year with my whole family.  It's quite the operation- there is tons to do, especially on the weekends.

3.  Pine Tree Orchard in White Bear Lake
I think this is just about every local mama's favorite!

4. Afton Apple Orchard in Hastings
They have raspberries here too! One caveat- it costs to get in.

The rest we have to check out- I'm on the east side of town, so I haven't been to them, but hear really good things.

5.  Apple Jacks in Delano

6.  Deer Lake Orchard in Buffalo

7.  Fall Harvest Orchard in Delano

8.  Minnetonka Orchards in Minnetrista

Ophelia's dress // Ralphie's henley // and our plaid blanket

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Leopard Finds for Fall - All Under $35

I'm obsessed with my new leopard mules.  

Ophelia has been taught that leopard is a neutral from a young age.  This coat was from last year, but this one is similar!

I've always been a leopard print fan, but it is especially big this fall.  I rounded up some leopard finds that are all budget friendly for adding a little bit of the trend to your fall wardrobe! Basically, I want everything on this list and made this post to try and quell my add to cart trigger finger.  

Canvas bag (only $8!) // Joggers (obsessed) //  Sneakers
Sweater (a teeny bit more expensive, but this one is similar and under $25!) // Scarf // 
Cardigan (LOVE!)
Blouse // Ballet flats // Tee (and a similar one here)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Halloween Pajamas

Ophelia is wearing these, and Ralphie is wearing these.  

One thing I didn't expect that came with having kids was my obsession with them in jammies.  It's like a shot to the ovaries every time I see them cozied up ... especially in ones with feet.  Holiday pajamas bump it up like another ten notches. Now that they can match? Forget about it, I'm a goner. Here are some of my favorites for Halloween 2018! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Preschool Prep

Well, it's official. My baby girl is basically an adult.  Ophelia is going to be starting a two morning a week Montessori program, and I already miss her.  Here are some of the things on our back to school list:
Fall jacket- I'm digging the pink fur hood!
Sparkle backpack- Ophelia's pick.  It was this or a Frozen backpack.  
Sneakers- I've shared my love of See Kai Run shoes before here
Lunchbox- Ophelia doesn't eat lunch there, but in case you're looking for one, these get amazing reviews! 
Word Blocks- An awesome Montessori reading tool. 
The Kissing Hand- we've been reading this one a lot to get us ready!
Unicorn backpack- This would be my backpack pick, it is so dang cute!
Water bottle- Comes in lots of prints and colors
Boots- Because leopard is a neutral.  
Letter Board: For the first day picture, obv!