Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Current Favorites

Just a little roundup of the stuff we're currently all about.

Ophelia, almost 3 (!!)
Favorite thing: These, hands down.  Or these, if I'm playing, for the clothing changes.  She is all about the make believe play right now, and it's awesome.
Favorite outfit: We have this dress in all of its (many!) forms and colors.
Favorite book:  She is Fancy Nancy obsessed.  My husband also has a thing for Fancy Nancy's Mom, so the series is very popular in our house.

Ralphie, almost 6 months
Favorite thing: These, or when he can get his hands on them, my real keys.
Favorite outfit: He has no preference yet, but I love LOVE him in a henley onesie.
Favorite book: Also no preference yet, so whatever his sister is reading.  But he loves his Indestructible books!

Me, age unspecified.  Okay, I'm 30.
Favorite thing: I just got this stuff  and it is AMAZING.  Seriously changed my skin overnight!
Favorite outfit: Every season change I get the urge to throw out all my clothes and just go reallllly simple.  I'm craving perfect basics right now- love this perfect tee, these jeans, and all the cozy wrap sweaters, like this one and this one.
Favorite book: I just finished this and really liked it, very similar to a Liane Moriaty book if you're a fan!  Headed to the library to find some by the same author.

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