Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Baby Boy Fall Wardrobe

Rounding up some more of my baby boy fashion picks for anyone on the hunt.  Sifting through the "mommy's little slugger" onesies and the neon orange that dominates the baby boy department is a tough job, but I'm willing to take one for the team.  

Knit one piece// Fleece jacket// Booties// Bear onesie
Pom hat// Moccasins// Pom sweater// Leggings

Henley onesie// Sherpa boots// Maroon pants with knee pads // White henley onesie
Bear outfit// Pom hat// Knit pants// Check footie// Cloud one piece

Monday, August 27, 2018

Affordable Comfy Sheets

After our vacation this summer, I was on a mission to find new sheets.  Our vacation rental had amazing, crisp white sheets and I loooooved them.  White sheets make you feel fancy. They crumple just right.  Lo and behold, they were waiting for me at one of my second homes- Target.  They're comfy, durable (you can bleach 'em! which is necessary thing because we got white!) and affordable.  They've got a four star rating, and over 2000 positive reviews.  Okay, I'm done rhapsodizing, but go get them!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Current Favorites

Just a little roundup of the stuff we're currently all about.

Ophelia, almost 3 (!!)
Favorite thing: These, hands down.  Or these, if I'm playing, for the clothing changes.  She is all about the make believe play right now, and it's awesome.
Favorite outfit: We have this dress in all of its (many!) forms and colors.
Favorite book:  She is Fancy Nancy obsessed.  My husband also has a thing for Fancy Nancy's Mom, so the series is very popular in our house.

Ralphie, almost 6 months
Favorite thing: These, or when he can get his hands on them, my real keys.
Favorite outfit: He has no preference yet, but I love LOVE him in a henley onesie.
Favorite book: Also no preference yet, so whatever his sister is reading.  But he loves his Indestructible books!

Me, age unspecified.  Okay, I'm 30.
Favorite thing: I just got this stuff  and it is AMAZING.  Seriously changed my skin overnight!
Favorite outfit: Every season change I get the urge to throw out all my clothes and just go reallllly simple.  I'm craving perfect basics right now- love this perfect tee, these jeans, and all the cozy wrap sweaters, like this one and this one.
Favorite book: I just finished this and really liked it, very similar to a Liane Moriaty book if you're a fan!  Headed to the library to find some by the same author.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Teething Trick

Crabby baby? Make him a "momsicle"!  Aka a breastmilk popsicle.  With Ophelia I just broke up pieces of frozen pumped milk into one of these mesh feeders.  With Ralphie, I ordered these baby popsicle molds and they are much cuter but I think they work about the same.  Boob milk is the perfect food for babies, thus momsicles are the perfect popsicles!

My other favorite teething tools:
this raspberry paci- Ralphie's favorite!
the baby banana toothbrush.

Friday, August 17, 2018

LOFT Sale Picks

Guys!  Everything at LOFT, including the shirt I was wearing yesterday, is 40% off!  Use code: SUMMER4EVER .  I stopped there on my MOA shopping takeover and found some great items- here are some of my picks!

This cozy knit came home with me!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Easy on the Wallet Nursing Friendly Tops

Some more nursing friendly finds for my fellow breastfeeding mamas. And they're all under $30!
This crossfront sweatshirt, and this chambray number  are on my wishlist, as is this wrap sweater.  I also love this blouse and this cozy henley for cool fall days.  And this tie front tee is only $14!

click the pictures to shop some more finds!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Ralphie's Favorites- The First Five Months


I seriously cannot believe it has been FIVE months since baby Ralphie joined our family.  He is such a dreamboat of a baby-  an absolute joy to be around.  I thought I'd share some of the items that have been on heavy rotation these first months of his life. Like I've said in the past, I don't think there are a lot of baby items that you HAVE to have, but these are some good ones I recommend if you're on the hunt!

These are my favorite sleepers- they zip up, they're super inexpensive, and they last!  We used them with Ophelia too.
These are THE BEST onesies- we love the kimono style snapping, espeically for little newborns.
Bear suit- A must for a winter baby.  Same with these booties! I just ordered the next size up for this fall.

Carrier- I talked more about my favorite carriers in this post, but I use this guy every single day.
Snuggle Me Organic- This has been so amazing for just having a place to set baby down!  We co sleep, and this is such a cozy place for babe to rest when they're used to being snuggled.
This is our double stroller, and I'd highly recommend it!

We used Honest Co diapers and wipes, and they've worked wonderfully for us.  I tried to cloth diaper for Ralph, but sadly, it wasn't for me.
This stain remover is AMAZING and is weirdly an item used so much it makes the list!
These are the pacis the Little Prince has taken too- Ophelia liked these, and they were so much harder to find locally so I'm glad Ralph has a little more mainstream taste!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Target Try On Session

I am seriously digging the new Universal Thread line at good ol' Tarjay. It has definite Madewell vibes, but for so much cheaper!  The fall stuff has a  capsule wardrobe feel too- everything goes with everything and it would be so easy for putting outfits together.  I found so many good things, including the PERFECT effortless, easy  tee- comes in tons of colors and stripes, and its EIGHT DOLLARS.  I'm also obsessed with these Free People knock off slides- they're so cute, and after I broke them in they are actually comfy too!

I scooped up this cozy cardigan,  this is the tee I mentioned, and this skirt came home with me and I LURRRVE it

Perfect fitting chambray top, a fall wardrobe staple.  And it's nursing friendly! This is such a cute and versatile skirt.  

Ruffle sleeve tee and my fave skirt .