Wednesday, July 18, 2018

On Potty Training

You guys.  Here I am to tell you a magical method of potty training.  You've probably combed over tons of Pinterest articles about how to easily train your toddler in 3 days.  Or you've read this book that pretty much everyone recommends. [As a side note, I hated that book.  I don't understand how it gets recommended by people who practice a similar parenting style to me! And everyone I know who used it has had to redo the process multiple times.]  You've debated rewards versus no rewards.  Stickers or M&Ms.  Pull ups or commando.  Baby potty or big toilet.  Stocked up on wine and toilet paper.

I did all of that.  Twice-ish?  Maybe three attempts?  But I'd rather deal with changing a diaper than poop all over the ground, and maybe my smart, intuitive girl could sense that.  Or maybe...

I just had to wait until she was ready.

That's my advice.  Wait. Wait until they want to do it themselves.  [Maybe Janet Lansbury was right about the parenting magic word!] . It occurred to me one day that just like I believe in child led weaning from the boob... why would I try to cajole her into something she clearly wasn't feeling?  She had all the classic signs of "readiness" but it had become a control issue/ battle and asserting my dominance over a toddler just isn't something I'm into.

All of a sudden she just decided she wanted to do it, and now she does it.  No probing, begging, or maintenance needed. She still wears a diaper at nap and bedtime at my behest, but other then that, she goes in the toilet.  This potty watch was a big game changer in inviting her to take initiative in the process itself, but other than that I have no recommendations besides WAIT.

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    Everyone is up in arms about my 2.75 (ha) not being potty trained, but she is NOT having it. oh well. hopefully she will feel like it soonish...


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