Sunday, June 24, 2018

Stuff We're Loving

All the good stuff we are digging right now.  

      1.  These Henley onesies are so freaking adorable- Ralphie rocks them pretty much daily.  

2.  I'm obsessed with this tie- front, button down tee.  It's nursing friendly, goes with everything, and comes in a bunch of colors

3.  OMG this potty watch.  Absolute game changer for our potty training ordeals!  I plan to write more about how this is going, but if your toddler is motivated by being grown up, having a cool watch that tells when to go instead of boring old mom is so helpful!

4.  Fourth of July pajamas for my littles- I just love holiday pajamas, and matching babes! 
5.  These are my favorite bow slides- I now have them in multiple colors.  In denim here, and on sale here!!

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