Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide

Ophelia calls her dad "Guy" so for us Father's Day could be known as Guy Day.  Happy Guy's Day!

Golf Polo : My husband has this in three colors- it's a good one! 
BBQ Spices : This is for the chef who also tries to stay healthy- there is no sugar or other yucky stuff in these spices! 
Bags Set : What guy doesn't love bags.  Did you know it's technically called cornhole? 
Personalized 5-in-1 Grill Tool: What a nifty tool.  
Personalized Golf Balls : I think we are going to make some of these actually- lots of cool craft ideas here!
Putting Alignment Tool : On my husband's wishlist.  
Bonfire Pit : What is it with boys and fire? 
Charcoal Grill:  We already have a grill, but apparently men need variety.  Ian has his eye on this one.  
Timex Watch: A classic.  
Yeti Lowball: My husband uses this every single day.  A Yeti cooler would be a good gift too- Yeti stuff seems to be like candy for men.  
Baseball Tee: So cute! 

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