Friday, May 18, 2018

Rainbow Montessori Baby Toys

It's almost time to bust out the toys for Ralphie!  While babies don't need much to keep them entertained (or anything, actually) it's nice to have some toys around to engage with- and to look pretty on the shelves.  

When shopping for Montessori babies, I like keeping materials as simple and as natural as possible. Avoid things that are too flashy, heavy or complicated. Instead, focus on beauty and function! I like "open ended" toys, or things with no noise or lights that allow the child to use their imagination for how to use the toy.  Many of ours don't get used in their intended purpose but they are all favorites!  

Shapes Puzzle - Ophelia still loves this!
Rainbow Ball-the perfect first toy. 
Clutching Balls - one of our favorites. 
Tree Rattle- so simple, but perfect for grasping.
ABC Book - this has the most amazing illustrations!
Hammer Toy- I love this one's colors
Silk Scarves - these are AMAZING- they're good for pretend, peekaboo, and tickling.
Activity Gym - the IKEA one is great too and much more budget friendly, but this one is so pretty!
Rainbow Teether - I'm ordering this for Ralphie. 

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