Thursday, May 31, 2018

Beautiful Books to Teach Kids About Nature

We are pretty book obsessed in our home. Now that spring has sprung and summer is around the corner, we've basically been living outside, so finding books that correlate to nature has been so helpful. Teaching kids about nature has so many developmental benefits and it is  important to me to help foster a strong relationship between my kids and the environment.  I want to do all I can to help them learn about the beautiful world around them. 

Outside Your Window: Each page is so beautiful- a perfect first book of nature.  It's sprinkled with facts and things to do outside.  

Rockabye Baby:  I love this one- it's the simple lyrics to the lullaby, with all of the animals that live in the ecosystem.  

Tree: Watch the tree change with each page you turn! Teaches all about the seasons.  

When Spring Comes & In the Middle of Fall: These sweet books are both by Kevin Henkes, one of my favorite child authors.  They're all about the change of seasons in the enviroment, and how the world transforms! 


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