Thursday, April 12, 2018

Toddler Art Favorites


Ophelia's absolute favorite thing to do is art, so we've tried a lot of projects.  Here are some of our top picks!
1.  Kwik Stix:  I could write an entire post about these awesome paint sticks.  They are in Ophelia's hand basically from sun up to sun down.  The texture of paint with none of the mess!

2.  Color Puzzle: This helped her learn all her colors and shapes. 

3.  Wood Letter:  Painting a new object is a total game changer from paper, so we love switching it up.  She had a blast painting her "O" and we also did flower pots the other day!

4.  Kinetic Sand:  One of our favorite sensory bin activities- this stuff is awesome!

5.  Paint:  We're on our third set of these paints

6.  Water beads:  Another awesome sensory bin filler!  I'm not sure how to explain the draw to these, but she seriously loves them. 

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