Thursday, March 29, 2018

My Favorite Baby Carriers

Baby wearing is my number one mom trick.  It's the only way I get anything done these days- Ralphie isn't a fan of being set down, and Ophelia isn't a fan of sitting still, so there we go.  I also feel like one of the reasons my connection is so strong with my kids is because of baby wearing.  More snuggling and closeness is never a bad thing- maybe we're helping to raise a generation of more connected and loving humans. 

That being said! My hands down favorite carrier is this one (it's also available here and here).  I got this one new with Ralph and wish I'd had it two years ago!  It's amazing- Ralph has basically spent the majority of his short life in here.  It fits from newborn on up, no insert needed, and I can wear Ralph or Ophelia in it comfortably.  There is no velcro, and babies can face forwards or backwards.  I also recently discovered I can nurse in it!  

My other favorite is this one.   This is what we used with Ophelia, and I still like it a lot.  It's also a little more budget friendly!  

I also recommend a soft wrap for those first squishy days-I love this one and this one.  And a ring sling is nice and portable to have in your bag to throw on.  I personally am more comfortable with a ring sling once they can hold their heads up, but I know a a lot of people like them for the newborn stage too. 

Happy baby wearing!


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