Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dressing for Postpartum

I wanted to update my dressing for postpartum guide that I wrote awhile ago- now that I am in the thick of it!  Baby Ralphie is here, sleeping on my chest and I am rocking my Depends and sporting some HUGE boobs.  I plan to share his (amazingly fast) birth story in another post.  

The first couple weeks postpartum are probably the craziest time I have ever gone through. I cried about 17 times a day, both when I was happy and when I was sad. Your body is recovering from the biggest task of it's life, your hormones are a roller coaster ride, and your heart might burst with love for this new creature in your arms.  Looking cute ( and um, basic hygiene) pretty much falls to the wayside.  Luckily, I stumbled upon a pretty basic method to looking somewhat presentable post babe!  Nursing tank + leggings + cardigan will have you covered for visitors, your first visit to the pediatrician, and eventually venturing off the couch.  

You'll become burning hot every couple minutes and whip it off, but having it on, or just nearby, will make you feel so much cozier (and helps cover up the cold, floppy belly/arms/flesh you aren't used to seeing). I just ordered this one , and I've worn this (budget friendly!) cardi daily.  
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 Leggings that hold all your wobbly bits in place are good, and cozy joggers for laying on the couch are the best.  I'm basically living in these right now.  

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N U R S I N G   T A N K S

The most essential.  I've been soaking through them like, hourly, so get a bunch!  I switch back and forth between these and these.  
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AND the most important things you need! 
1.  A supportive spouse or mom (in my case, both!) who will cook for you, bring you water, and take over the laundry/dishes/cleaning duties.  Your only job is to lay around, nurse nurse nurse, and get to know your babe!  If you don't have one of these, a postpartum doula might be up your alley.  
2.  Good, nourishing food
3.  Lots and lots of water
4.  Grace and patience with yourself.  You will take a normal shower again someday!

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  1. So impressed that you’re back on the blog already after bringing another sweet babe into the world! This really brought me back to my own postpartum time, definitely lived in the same outfitsall day, everyday! Definitely sharing this with my friend who is about to become a mother any day now :)


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