Sunday, February 4, 2018

Real Mama Talk- Four Moms Share Their Baby Essentials

You know what's kind of a bummer?  I feel like our generation of moms has a way harder time finding the whole tribe/village thing moms used to have.  I remember growing up with a whole heard of moms around, sharing advice and taking care of us inter changeably.  Funny things, like one of our neighbors had one of those ear checker tools (an otoscope! Thank you google!) and I remember my mom always sending me over to have her look in my ears before ever going to the doctor.

As the first one of any of my girlfriends to have babies, it took me a long time to find mama friends that I felt at home with.  And now I feel so lucky to have a group of cool, smart women around to talk about all things motherhood.

So, since I've already shared my baby essentials before (here and here) I thought I'd have them give some of their must haves!  Each of the women featured in this post has been such a help to me whenever I've needed advice, so I asked them to share a their top three products they loved most during these crazy baby years.

Mama to Olive, 21 months, and soon to be born Daphne!
1.  Dockatot Deluxe: I love how portable and comfortable it is for Baby to sleep and lounge in. We carry it through the house with us from room to room and when we travel. So convenient and safe for co sleeping at night. 

2.  Baby Wrap: It’s so nice to have your hands free and be able to wear Baby at the same time. A great way to keep Baby napping and happy while out and about or getting stuff done around the house. 

3.  Gripe Water: this helped us so much with Olive. It instantly calmed her upset tummy, gas and fussiness... worked like magic and will def be buying in bulk for Baby #2

Mama to Natalie, 2 and 1/2 and Gabriel, 4 weeks old

1.  Motherlove Nipple Cream & Motherlove Diaper Rash Balm:  Both of these products are pure magic. Couldn't imagine living without them. They heal nipples and bums so quickly.

2.   Oxi Clean: Lol! This might not be the first or even last thing on your mind when you are thinking about all those wonderful baby products that out there, but honestly without Oxi Clean, we'd need new clothes every couple weeks. Oxi has saved some of our most treasured little outfits. They even have one specifically for baby clothes. [editor's note: this is seriously a genius one!] 

3.  Wildbird Ringsling: Forget the heavy, in everyone's way carseat. When I had my first, I knew there had to be a better way. I couldn't imagine having to lug that carseat around anywhere I went. I tried a few different carriers, but overall I found the ringsling to be the most convenient and grew best with my child. Just put it on before you leave the house and transfer your baby into it out of the car and you're good to go. Also a lifesaver when you have other kids to care for. 

Ashley Dunnwald
Mama to Connor, 2 and 1/2 (he and Ophelia were born just days apart!) 
1.  Rock 'N Play:  Our son had reflux and colic and he slept in this a lot of his first few months.  He was very difficult to get to sleep and keep asleep and this was the only thing that worked for a while.  It was also easy to bring with when we took him to get togethers.

2. Xlear Kids Sinus Clear Nasal Spray:  We found this when our Baby was  around one year old and I wish we had found it sooner.  It is a nasal spray that actually gives them immediate relief from congestion due to the xylitol in it.  It was very helpful when my son was still nursing and so stuffy that he couldn't breathe well enough to do so.

3. Nourish Family Wellness:  This is where my family has been going for years to receive chiropractic and other wellness care.  My chiropractor is Dr. Berg who specialized in maternal and baby/child care and she is amazing. She actually found my son's tongue-tie when two lactation consultants had missed it. We received so much support during those first few months of our son's life when we faced a lot of health challenges that were overwhelming as new parents. The services that are provided at Nourish are chiropractic, craniosacral therapy prenatal exercise, acupuncture, breastfeeding support, childbirth education, massage therapy, home birth midwifery and prenatal wellness and metabolic and nutritional health.

Mama to Saul, 2, and Nell, 5 months 
1. Boba wrap:  This  gets used literally every day with Nell. It’s stretchier than the Moby (so you don’t have to leave space for baby when you wrap it - you just pull it tight) and suuuuper comfy. 

2. Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat:  That baby swing has bought me more showers than I can count, and it folds up and gets put away when we’re done. So much better than regular swings that take up SO much space

3.  Mother’s Special Blend Toning OilSaved me from any and all stretch marks and helped my belly shrink back super fast. It’s also fragrance free (thank goodness!) and cheap.

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