Thursday, January 18, 2018

Maternity Activewear

This pregnancy, I've managed to keep running the entire time.  I'm 34 weeks as of yesterday!  It feels pretty amazing, and baby boy has been a great running partner.  My number one piece of advice is listen to your body- with Ophelia I only made it until around 20 weeks and developed major sciatica.  This time, I've gone super slow, and made sure to stretch a ton afterwards.  I also find that doing squats on my off days helps me with strength- running with 20 extra pounds on your front is HEAVY!

I rounded up some of my favorite pieces of maternity activewear to help you keep working out with that bump. As I've said before, these are my favorite maternity leggings- and these tanks are the best!

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  1. Have you actually been using the Nordstrom sports bra? Because I really need one and have been disappointed in the maternity selection so far

    1. I actually just ordered it when I made the post, so I will report back! My only trick/tip I've done so far is to wear two regular sports bras on top of each other with this pregnancy boobs.

    2. thanks Brittany :) I'll await your update!


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