Friday, December 29, 2017

My Favorite Purchases of 2017

1.  The caviar shampoo and conditioner- these were actually a gift from last Christmas that I've continued to buy.  They make my long hair feel SO good. 

2.  THE BEST maternity leggings, hands down.  See this post for more on why. 

3.  These are my favorite t-shirts- they're the perfect length, weight, and have that awesome slouchy fit. 

4.  My everyday bra- also available here and here.  I know bra recommendations are totally dependent on body type, but if you have a small frame with big boobs, this is your winner. 

5.  The coziest, slouchy sweater (also available on sale here).  I have it in two colors!

6.  This was my favorite book I read this year. 

7.  Just to remind myself that someday I will not be pregnant- the best high waist jeans.  I miss you so much, high waisters!  I wave at them when I see them in my drawer. 

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