Monday, November 13, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: For the New Mama

Treat the new mom in your life to something just for her- the baby will get enough goodies of their own! 

1.  The Solly baby wrap (also here!) is perfect for that new squishy baby phase and its also pretty!
2.  A necklace personalized with the baby's name. 
3.  Mama bear mug.
4.  Fleece lined socks! So cozy.
5.  Dry shampoo.  Practical but necessary. 
6.  Mama bird tee.
7.  A pretty nursing friendly sweater
8.  A cozy robe.  I also love this one, and it's budget friendly. 
9.  Espresso machine.  She can make her own lattes at home!
10.  A face mask, or some nail polish.  It will feel so nice to do something for herself. 
11.  Straw water bottle.  So essential!
12.  Another of my very favorite carriers- the Lillebaby.  Works from newborn age on- we still use it for our two year old!

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