Monday, October 23, 2017

The Best Maternity Leggings

I have found them!  It was a harrowing quest, filled with pants that don't stay up, way too sheer of material, and the highlighting of all the wrong curves and bumps.  These are the keepers.

They stay up (no more constantly yanking the belly part up), are nice and thick, and have a nice amount of compression to hold all your parts in.  I'm satisfied.  Now if only I could find some maternity jeans that don't suck.  Any suggestions?

ALSO!! Today, they are 40% off with the code ACTFAST.

Some of my runner ups:

- I tried these, and they're not bad.  I personally like more of an athletic/workout style legging since I'm a runner and these were too thin for that purpose.

- These are a great budget friendly option, but they don't stay up super well.  They're also more cotton than spandex.

-These are also budget friendly,  and they were my second favorites.  They're nice and thick, but they run a little big. 

Happy shopping!


  1. Thanks a lot for sharing the review about the best maternity leggings. It was such an interesting post. Well, for my sister I also recently bought the pattern leggings online. The delivery of those was super quick and the fabric was really thick and no see through. She just loved them a lot.

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