Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Outerwear Favorites for Toddlers

girlfriend is wearing this hat, this bunting underneath, and this fleece jacket

As I've stated like, uh, a billion times, I like to get myself and Ophelia outside every single day, no matter the weather.  As we live in Minnesota, that means we have to be prepared!  I recommend splurging out outerwear when you live in a cold climate, and of course layers- especially wool!    Here are some of our outdoor essentials, for everything from splashing in mud puddles to walks through blizzards- and this year, I think we will be able to take our little miss sledding! 

Some of our favorites:

-The Patagonia puff ball material is the best for warmth AND car seat safe!  Which is important to note, because most parkas/coats are not, so you're supposed to have your little wear a coat while in their seat.  Which isn't the most convenient thing in the world.  

-I also highly recommend these mittens, as they go up the arm and are our favorites for snow blocking.  

- Bog boots (fleece ones on sale here) are AMAZING and Ophelia pretty much wants to wear hers year round.  They are also toddler friendly, as in they can put them in all by themselves.  

- I personally like buntings better than a separate jacket and snow pants.  I know some people think pants are better for potty trained kiddos, but personally I think it's an equal hassle coming inside and shedding layers, no matter what you've got on.  Some personal favorites are this one, this one, and this one.  

click the pictures to shop our picks!


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