Monday, October 30, 2017

Ophelia's Favorite Things- Age 2

If anyone has a two year old on their holiday gifting list this year, here are some of my little one's top recommendations! 

1. Play-doh.  Pretty self explanatory, but it's a classic favorite for a reason. 

2. Baby doll.  We love the Correlle ones, they somehow smell super good?  But here is a more budget friendly one too!

3. A Cozy Coupe car!  My mom says this was one of my favorites too.  These get fought over like crazy at our local open gym tot time!

4. A good twirly skirt. Little miss pulls hers out to wear every day.  This tulle one is so adorable!

5. A balance bike!  Such a good concept. 

6.  This dollhouse is her absolute favorite right now.  She can play for hours with this!  We scored this amazing one second hand, but here is a more budget friendly one too!

7. Some people to live in the aforementioned dollhouse.

8.  A cash register!  We have a super annoying plastic one that sings, but I have my eye on this one for when that one mysteriously disappears. 

9.  This barn has truly been such a big hit.  It's super cute too!

10.  We love the Melissa and Doug puzzles. This one is the perfect ability level. 

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