Monday, July 10, 2017

The Clothes You Want to Live In

Is there anything better than a cozy sweatshirt and a bonfire?  Or changing as soon as you get home into sweatpants?  Let's be honest, mamas- comfort is key.  Loungewear is bliss.  

S W E A T S H I R T S  

J O G G E R S 

Grey ($29) // Pink ($20)// Navy/ ($28)/ Light Blue stripe (so cute!)

S N E A K E R S 

One (obsessed with these!) // Two
Three ($24!)// Four ($16!)
Seven// Eight ($29!)


  1. This is the definition of clothes I want to live in! I love the grey sweater with the sleeve stripes. :]


  2. I'm always looking for clothes that are cute and comfy! This would be perfect for long airplane rides and just hanging around running errands. Love the mix and matching!

  3. All of those clothes look so comfortable! I really want all of them in my rotation. That's the mom in me. :P

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  5. OH my gosh! These all look so comfy! I love all of the options you presented!

  6. These look so comfy and perfect for the upcoming fall season. Love that lace up sweater!

  7. Literally all of my favorite things. I am currently living in my Adidas sneakers!


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