Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Riding A Bike With Your Babe

This summer I started biking with Ophelia.  Biking is pretty popular here in Minneapolis, and while I am definitely not a pro (I am slooooooww) we've been having a blast. Baby girl LOVES it, and every time I open the garage she asks "bike? bike? bike?".  We have such sweet conversations while cruising along too- it's amazing how different the view is and how many things you notice on your bike.

For a young toddler, I definitely recommend a front carrier.  Having her close is so cozy, and having the weight on the front of the bike is easier for balance.  This is our seat (you can also find it here)- it's also nice because you can easily take it on and off of your bike if you're riding alone.  We like this helmet for babies, and my helmet is this one.

Happy riding!


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