Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Link Love

Since I've missed the past couple Fridays of rounding up good links from around the 'net, I thought I'd share some today!

The ten best face masks- I want to try this one.

If you're like me you're one of the chosen, you might like knowing why mosquitos bite certain people more than others.

On my wishlist: this pretty necklace.

Awesome outdoor kid play areas.  

Psychologists reccomend kids be bored in the summer.  I was just remincing about my summers as a kid- we stayed outside all day playing pretend and it was kind of magic.

6 food shopping mistakes healthy people make.

I kind of want this top in every color.

I want to start putting together my own travel wellness kit.

15+ clean meals that get rave reviews.

Be still my ovaries- this onesie is so adorable!

10 AirBnBs under $150 across the country- these are so cool!


  1. I lu vluv link round up it gives me an opportunity to discover other blogs and interesting things, such the mask you like, I had no idea there were a self heating one on the market.

  2. I love link round ups! Best way to find great new products and other bloggers. Love this list :)

  3. Great roundup! Definitely bookmarking to read more of the links!

  4. Omg that onesies is cute! I could totally see a friend rock it year round, she loves things like that. Great roundup!

  5. I love that necklace you linked! SO pretty


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