Monday, June 19, 2017

Nursing When It's Hot Out

This shirt is one of my breastfeeding favorites.  

I was at the playground with Ophelia the other day and she wanted to nurse.  It was the one time, of course, that I wasn't wearing a tank under my shirt OR a nursing friendly top.  The entire playground got to enjoy the view of my sweaty underboob.  You're welcome.  Don't let my mistake happen to you!  It's hot and sweaty out there, so nursing friendly tops are needed- it's not the time for the extra layer of a cami under your shit!  Here are some boob access tops and dresses for the heat of summertime!

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I love that button down tank (although I definitely wouldn't wear it that low!), and that button down henley.  That olive green peplum is super cute too!

D R E S S E D      U P
click the pictures to shop!

I just added that button down tank in the bottom middle to my cart- and that pretty blue peplum top (also available in more sizes here) is amazing!

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