Monday, June 12, 2017

My Favorite Natural Summer Beauty Products

Here I am, no makeup at all!  My top is here.  

Summer is here and the living is sweaty easy.  I can't be the only one who wouldn't even think of putting makeup on in this heat- it'll melt off anyways!  Honestly, I rarely wear any face makeup as it is, but in the summer time it's definitely a no go.  That's where these natural products come in-safe for your skin (and your babes!) all of this stuff helps give you that summer time glow.  

1.  Rosewater-I've mentioned this before, but oh mmm geeeee this stuff is amazing.  It is a summer glow in a bottle.  And I swear it heals everything- sunburn, breakout.  Like instantly.  
2.  Mermaid Hair-  Like an instant trip to the beach.  
3.  Pacifica lip SPF- I looove this stuff- it instantly conditions your lips and protects them too!
4.  Witch Hazel- the perfect natural toner for, uh, toning down your shine..  
5.  Bronzer- The only makeup I'll wear in the summer.  

6.  Supergoop- My favorite sunscreen for me.  For Ophelia, we use this or this.
7.  W3ll People Lipstick-  I LOVE this stuff.  I put it on with my bareface and instantly feel more pulled together.
8.  Underarm Wipes- For after working out, or camping, or anytime you need a little freshening up.
9.  Ilia Powder- SPF duster and finishing powder.
10.  RMS Bronzer- A creamy bronzer that works wonders.


  1. I need to go check out all of these products! and I LOVE your braids! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. How beautiful is your hairstyle! I also love rose water and this highlighter by pixi is my absolute favorite!


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