Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Five Ways To Encourage Your Child To Love Reading

I often get questions on how I've "made" Ophelia love reading so much, so I thought I'd offer some of my thoughts on how to encourage reading from a young age.  One caveat- I think a lot has to do with personality type and age, so don't feel bad if you're toddler won't ever sit still for a book- it'll happen someday.

1.  DISPLAY BOOKS PROMINENTLY AROUND YOUR HOME- Ophelia has a treasure trove of books at her access level on both floors of our home.  I also bring a few outside on a blanket for when she is playing out there.  We also have a large bookcase of my books in our living room, and I have my current book I'm reading always out by my chair.  I think demonstrating yourself reading for pleasure is key!

2.  START YOUNG- Read anything and everything to your babe, even when they are newborns.  Just the sound of your voice is comforting and calming to a little one!  Once you start showing them books, black and white ones, or ones with patterns  (like this one, which Ophelia would staaaare at, and this one) are helpful for focusing a little one's eyes.

3.  GO TO THE LIBRARY- The library is one of our hot spots for hanging out, especially in the winter.  Making the library a fun spot (and I totally think ours are!) helps her get excited about books.  We also pick out books to rent and bring home, and letting her pick what books she wants (even when they're really weird choices...) is very exciting.  I think once she's a little older, having her get her own library card will be another super thrilling experience for her!

4.  READ TO YOUR KIDS- All the time.  There's a sign at our library that says "there's no app that can replace your lap!".  I know this one is obvious, but it can also slip through the cracks in a busy parenting day. Even if we don't sit down and read at some point during the day, we read at least two books (these are her current picks: one, two) at night every day before bed.

5.  NO SCREENS- I know this is controversial, and I also understand sometimes parents just need a little time out.  However, we've managed to make it this far with no TV for Ophelia and I will say it makes GIGANTIC difference with attention span, and her ability to bust her own boredom.

Some of our current favorites:


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