Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Road Tripping With a Toddler

This weekend, we took a little road trip up to northern Minnesota to a gorgeous cabin for a couple nights.  I wasn't sure what to expect out of Ophelia- we don't usually spend more than half an hour at a time in the car, and we usually take trips on an airplane where she can move around.    Luckily, she did really well!  I have to give the biggest shoutouts to The Okee Dokee Brothers- (their music is great, even to my husband and I.  We were seriously JAMMING to "Can You Canoe") and the Music Together CD (there is something about those songs that just speaks to toddlers!).    Here are some of the other things that helped:

Seriously, a drawstring bag was key.  Over and over she filled it up with her animal figurines, closed it, then emptied it and started over again.  
Snack catchers make snacks last longer// Books with flaps! First 100 Words
Vegetable Mum-Mums: snacks that we wouldn't normally have hold all sort of newness excitment!// Shorts (so cute- I want them in my size!)
Puffs// This flap book was amazing- although all it's flaps are now gone.  Lift Flap Fairy Tales

My other tips: 
1. Make sure there is a spot next to the carseat should you need to sit there for awhile (and do the boob dangle nursing  while on the freeway trick I tend to do...)
2.  Plan around your child's nap/sleep habits! If we had a kid who slept in the car EVER, we would have gone during nap.  Instead, we left right after she took her nap so she was fresh and not tired.  I also know people who do road trips at night so their kid will sleep and they get to hangout with their spouse- this would be hell for us, as our child would not sleep a wink, so we avoid it! 
3.  Stop at playgrounds or pretty creeks along the way- who cares if it takes a little bit longer, it makes it more fun! 

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  1. This is a fantastic post. My nieces go on road trips with me to Orlando, and while they aren't toddlers anymore, we like to be on the road while they sleep as much as possible and head out late at night.


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