Thursday, May 4, 2017

Florals For Spring- I know, I know

Thanks to pleeennnty of April showers, we have a lot of May flowers blooming.  And lately one of Ophelia's absolute favorite things to do is go flower picking!  Girlfriend isn't even interested in dandelions- she wants the good stuff.  While I try to steer her out of people's gardens, I figure trees and bushes are fair game.  She delights in putting them in water when we get home- AND loves to wear flowers herself!  Every morning, we have to pick something (usually a dress) with "guys on it" In this instance, guys means flowers.  Guy can mean pretty much everything in Ophelia language.  Today I wore flowers too, so we matched, and it totally blew her mind.  So, I rounded up some pretty floral finds to up my game!

O P H E L I A ' S     F L O W E R S
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M A M A ' S     F L O W E  R S

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